District Minority Welfare Department

About the Department

To ensure a more focus approach towards issues relating to the notified Minorities communities, namely Muslim, Christians, Jains, Buddhist, Sikhs and Parsis. District Minority Welfare Department, Raichur working with vision to enable all the Minority Community people to lead a productive life with equal opportunities in the field of Socio, Economic, Education etc. The mandate of the District Minority Welfare Department includes Planning Co-ordination, Evaluation and Implement development programmes for the benefit of the Minority Community. The main functions of the department are introduce schemes to promote accelerated socio economic development of Minorities, introduce educational concessions for students, implement scheme for development of Women and Children, providing training and employment opportunities, there by tackling the problems of economic backwardness among the Minorities.

Department Activities

  • Maintenance of Hostels, Morarji Schools & Moulana Azada model Schools
  • Vidyasiri
  • NSP & SSP Scholarship
  • M.Phil, Ph.d Incentive
  • D.Ed & B.Ed, Incentive
  • K.A.S & I.A.S. Training for Minority Students

Department Schemes/Projects having importance of State Level/National Level along with the Website Address

  • Minority Colony Development
  • Christian Development
  • Community Halls
  • Modernisation of Madarsas
  • M.S.D.P & S.D.P
  • Jain/Sikh Development