Subdivision & Blocks

Raichur District – Assistant Commissioner (AC)

The Assistant Commissioners actually working in the Revenue Department in the following categories of posts:

  1. Sub-Divisional Assistant Commissioners.
  2. Special Land acquisition Officers.
  3. Special Assistant Commissioners for Land Reforms.

The sub-Divisional Officers (SDO) are placed in charge of specific taluks in a district and they supervise both revenue and Development Departments. They are also Sub-Divisional Magistrates. In regard to revenue matters the Tahsildars are subject to the control and supervision of the sub-divisional officers. The Assistant Commissioners in charge of the sub-divisions have been vested with powers of the D.C. under many of the Sections of the Karnataka Land Revenue Act, 1964 and also other state laws. The AC is the first appellate authority in respect of revenue matters handled by his sub-ordinates and he is also the lowest level at which powers of revision under section 56 of Karnataka Land Revenue Act, 1964 are vested. The SDO normally handles the land acquisition work relating to his sub-division and is also the chairman of the Tribunals constituted under Karnataka Land Reforms Act, 1961 for the Taluks in his sub-division. Special Land Acquisition Officers are to be handled by the SDO along with his normal work. The SDO is also the returning officer for one or more of the Assembly constituencies in his sub-division.

Raichur district is made up of 2 such sub-divisions viz., Raichur and Lingasugur. The 7 taluks in Raichur come under these sub-divisions in the following way:

SNO Name of the Sub Division Name of athe Taluk
1 RAICHUR Raichur
2 LINGASUGUR Lingasugur