Karnataka State Fire & Emergency Service Department

About the Department

Karnataka state fire and Emergency Services Department is the first responder department in the events of fire, rescue and disasters. The uniqueness of this department lies in the fact that, the Fire and Emergency Service personnel knowingly enter the hazardous areas, collapsed buildings, poisonous atmosphere etc, when the people are running away from these premises. They live to the dictum “We Serve to save”.​​​

Department Activities

The technically trained personnel of Fire and Emergency Services are setting new benchmarks in saving lives and properties, risking their lives. With the advent of new construction technologies, addition of new chemicals, extensive use of synthetic materials in everyday life etc has increased the fire risks and responsibilities of this department. Further the mass transport system, vertical residential, aviation transport, underground transport system, pumping chemicals/petrochemicals/gases etc through pipes ha​s also increased the life risk. The department has to gear up to these situations in terms of capacity building, advance training, procurement of equipment etc. The department has already put its right step in this direction.

Department Forms / Documents issuing to the Citizen in PDF Format (Hard Copy)