Zilla Panchayat


Zilla Parishad Raichur  was established in the year 1987 under Panchayath  Raj Act  of   Govt. of Karnataka And  Raichur zilla panchayath work under Panchayath  Raj Act 1995. At the first election in 1987, the total number of members was 54. zilla Panchayat was replaced by the zilla parishad under the Karnataka Panchayat Act of 1993. The number of members elected in the year 1995 election was 54.

Raichur  Zilla Panchayath was constituted in 1995 as per the provisions of Karnataka Panchayath Raj Act, 1993. It is an autonomous and apex  rural local body at the district level. All rural development programmes are channelized through these agencies. The Administrative jurisdiction of the Z.P. is confined to rural segment. The development activities of Z.P. is channalized through 7 Taluka Panchayaths comprising of 178 Grama Panchayaths

At present the  Raichur  Zilla  Panchayath office is located  near District Court, Hyderbad Road, Raichur.

The functioning of Zilla Panchayat is as follows :

  • Administration : Deals with administrative matters of ZP,TP,GP and other line departments
  • Development Section : Deals with implementation of various Rural Development Programmes of ZP,TP,GP.
  • Accounts Section : Deals with Release of grants to various govt. schemes and responsible for maintaining the accounts of Receipts & Expenditure
  • Planning Section : Deals with Planning activities of ZP,TP,GP like Preparation of Draft Annual Plan, Action Plan, Appraisal & Evaluation of schemes etc.
  • Council Section : Deals with the matters related to the elected body of ZP like general body meetings, standing committee meetings, proceedings of the meetings etc.

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