Deputy Conservator of Forests Office (Social Forestry Division)

About the Department

Social Forestry Division, in working under the Zilla Panchayat Raichur For all the Administrative Sanctions are done by the Zilla Panchayat Raichur at the same time Technical Sanctions are done by the Chief Conservator of Forests of Kalburgi Circle, Kalburgi. The activities are don by Social Forestry Divison, Raichur as Follows Gomala (Planting in Gomala & Govt. Land) Road Side Plantation, Agro Forestry etc

Department Activities

The following works are taken by the Social Forestry Division, Raichur for the afforestation programme in the year 2020-21 :

  • Under Social Forestry Scheme : We have target of Raising of 267.00 Ha. Plantation, in that at the end of July-2020 we have achieved 100% of Raising of Plantation
  • Under MGNREGA Scheme by Raising of 1080 Ha. Of Plantation. We have a target of Generating 3.256 lakh Mandays in that at the end of July-2020 by Raising of 306.50 Plantation. We have Generated 0.943 lakh Mandays
  • Under SMAF Scheme in that Scheme we have a target of Raising of 30400 Seedlings in Farmers Land as a Agro Forestry. Our Work is under the progress
  • Under the GUA Scheme Raichur and Lingasugur taluka we selected for GUA Scheme in that each taluka are planted 900 seedling
  • Under RSPD & Hasiru Karnataka Schemes : We have a target of 1.80 lakh Seedlings for the distribution of farmers and public in that at the end of July-2020 0.789 lakhs seedlings are distributed
  • Current year 2020-21 we have a target of Raising 1.00 lakh seedlings for each taluka, for total 7 taluk. We have a target of Raising 7.00 lakh Seedlings under MGNREGA Scheme

Department Schemes/Projects having importance of State Level/National Level along with the Website Address

  • Social Forestry Scheme,
  • RSPD (Raising of Seedlings for Public Distribution),
  • Hasiru Karnataka,
  • SMAF (Sub-Mission of Agro Forestry),