Collegiate and Technical Education

About the Department

Established in 1960, the Department of Collegiate Education aims at making quality Higher Education accessible to students of all sections of society. this Department.  With holistic development of students as its core concern, the Department endeavours to bring quality Higher Education within the reach of the most disempowered classes, women and rural populace.

Presently the Department of Collegiate Education manages the planning, administration and funding of 430 Government First Grade Colleges that include 355 co-education colleges, 53 girls’ colleges,  06 law colleges,  14 residential  colleges, 02 chitrakala colleges and 02 Model colleges and 321 Aided First Grade Colleges in the state with the assistance of 06 Regional Offices in Bengaluru, Mysore, Mangalore, Shimoga, Dharwad and Gulbarga.

It is interesting to note that the names of several prominent academicians of post-independence years like Dr.Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan and Sri. Lakshminarayana Modaliar of post independence years are associated with the Department as recommendations of committees chaired by them have played a key role in establishing it. The expansion of the Department is equally impressive when referred back to its modest beginning with mere 44 colleges.

The Department has contributed immensely to the development of Higher Education in Karnataka.

Technical Education :  The technical skilled educational institutions were started in 1943, by the name “Occupational Institutes”. Later, these are renamed as “Polytechnics”(multiple technical skills/many technical skills). All these Polytechnics were working under “Public Instruction Department”. As the number of Polytechnics and Technical degree colleges were increased, the new department called “Department of Technical Education ” came into existence in 1959.

Department Activities

  • Management of Government colleges
  • Need based Establishment of Government First Grade Colleges
  • Distribution of scholarships to Degree students
  • Implementation of Government Schemes for students in Degree Colleges
  • Granting permission to introduce new subjects and subject combinations in the Undergraduate classes
  • Implementing RUSA scheme for improving academic and physical infrastructure
  • Ensuring quality Higher Education in the State 
  • Overseeing the preparation of Degree Colleges towards NAAC Accreditation
  • Organizing training programmes for teachers and students
  • Managing the Students’ Helpline ‘Maithri’
  • Guiding the activities of Youth Empowerment Centres established at District Head Quarters
  • Producing and uploading of videos for ‘Vijayi Bhava’ You tube Channel
  • Digitizing the administrative and teaching processes in Degree colleges
  • Managing the service related issues of teaching and non-teaching staff
  • Establishing Residential Degree Colleges and Women’s colleges
  • Managing the Hostels

Department Schemes/ Importance at State level / National Level along with the Website

  • Maithri Helpline
  • Youth Empowerment Centre
  • Placement Cell
  • Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA)
  • Student Scholarship
  • State Quality Assurance Cell
  • Teleeducation & Edusat

Department Forms / Documents issuing to Citizens in PDF format (Hard Copy)