District Central Library

About the Department

The Public Library is a free public institution. The Government is an open public institute aimed at promoting education, knowledge and reading among the public. These libraries were enacted by the Government of Karnataka to form the Public Library Act 1965 and lay the foundation for the development of the public libraries network.Our state is the only state in India that is in the forefront of the public library system .

Department Activities

A comprehensive public library system has been implemented in the state under the Public Library Act. State Level Library at State Level, District Central Library at District Level In every city with more than one lakh people, libraries are functioning at urban center, taluk center, municipal and gram panchayat level. Provide public reading facilities to the people of the state by providing knowledge, social learning information dissemination and continuous learning.The system serves as a life force to increase their literacy levels.

Department Schemes/ Importance at State level / National Level along with the Website

    Digital Library:

  • Redefining Public Libraries
  • Shaping the future of readers by offering self-learning facility
  • Access to e-content (e-books, journals, videos, simulations, assessments) in varied subjects
  • Digital content in multiple languages – Kannada, English, Hindi, Urdu
  • Up-gradation of technology infrastructure