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Raichur is very rich from the epigraphical point of view also. It has already yielded hundreds of inscriptions, ranging right from the Mauryan period upto the end of the Muslim period, in a variety of languages like Sanskrit, Prakrit, Kannada, Arabic and Persian and belonging to almost all the dynasties that ruled over the Dekkan. The most important places from this point of view are Maski, Koppal, Kuknur, Mudgal and Raichur. Read More

Deputy Commissioner's Office

Deputy Commissioner is head of the district administration. The Deputy Commissioner's office consists of various branches headed by Shirshtedars or Managers who are responsible for supervision, guidance and overall management of work in their branch. Every branch consists of First Division Assistants and Second Division Assistants among whom all work of the branch is divided Read More

Shri R. Venkatesh Kumar, IAS

Deputy Commissioner
Deputy Commissioner's Office, Sath Katcheri
RAICHUR - 584 101, Karnataka
Phone Nos : ( 08532 ) - 229011, 229012
Fax No : ( 08532 ) - 225953
E-mail ID: dcrevrcr@gmail.com


Average Temperature 35°


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