AGRICULTURAL PRODUCE MARKET COMMITTEE (APMC) RAJENDRA GUNJ, HYDERABAD ROAD, RAICHUR - 584 102. Contact Phone Numbers : (08532) - 235291, 235306; Fax : 235291.


The Raichur City in situated in between the Two Rivers Krishna and Tungabhadra and surrounded on three sides by Andhra Pradesh Raichur is a major cotton and Oil seeds market. Though its jurisdiction is only one taluka, its influence covers radius of 100 to 120 Kms which includes Raichur, Sindhanoor, Manvi Deodurga and Lingasugur taluka and Maktal and Gadwal Taluks of Andhra Pradesh. The principal crops grown in this District are cotton ground Nut, Paddy, Jowar and Sunflower etc., The Raichur Market was regulated in the Month of February 1934 for foodgrains, Oil Seeds and cotton under the Hyderabad Agricultural Market Act of 1939 F. In all 113 Agriculural Commodities are under regulation. Due to irrigation facilities under Tungabhadra command area Agriculturists are raising irrigated cotton and summer crops. As this market is situated Mumbai Chennai Railway line and having other transport facilities the prices in this market remain always attractive than in other market. Hence Agriculturists and Agricultural Dealers of different Taluks bring their goods for sale here. Market Yard & Market :- The Market Area comprises the whole of Raichur Taluk and Deodurg Taluka. The market has a well built market Yard Known as Rajendra Gunj. Comprising 72 Acres and 3 Guntas. There are 120 Shop-Cum-Godown of Uniform paturn and Dimensions. All the shops and Godowns are owned by traders & Commission Agents. There are 410 Traders 216 Commission Agents. Market Sub Yard :- Patel Road :- The whole sale business of Food grains are carried at Patel road and it has been declared as Sub-Market. New Cotton Market Yard :-On the Raichur Hyderabad Highway a separate market for cotton transaction was established as Sub-Yard in the year 1995. It is 3 KMS away from Main Market Yard. The Yard consists of 2 Blocks. Namely A Block & B Block. A block consists of 162 Acres & 38 Guntas. Out that 5 Acres Given to Zescom, 1 Acres to BSNL 5 Acres to Marketing Board, 1 Acres to Horticulture Department and out of remaining 150 Acres 38 Guntas 111 covered Shop-cum-Godown is constructed in 6 Blocks in 20 Acres Land (A,B,C,D,E & F Blocks). Market committee has constructed Police Station Bank-cum-post Office Shramika Bhavan, Tender Hall, Tea stall Weigh Bridge, Generator Room, Cold water Rooms 16 sundry shops 6 Godowns Bore well water stuffs, Drainages and water supply street lights and asphalting of internal road provided shdy tree in the yard. 10 Acres of land to Karnataka Ware Housing corporation, and 5 Acres to BSNL was given on lease cum sale basis and proposal has been sent to Director, Bance of 135 Acres & 28 Guntas land was reserved for further developmental works. "B" Block consists of 165 Acres 11 Guntas out of that 73 Acres 2 Guntas given to OPEC Hospital 5 Acres to Ware Housing corporation on lease cum sale basis. 8 Acres 33 Guntas land was allotted to KOF and Jawahar Industries on 99 Years lease. 96 Hamalas Quarters was constructed at the cost of 63 Lakhs in 3 Acres of land. Balance of 49 Acres of land for reserved further developmental works.

i)Sub Market Yard :- The Market Committee has two Sub-Market Yards. Deodurga : Deodurga is a Taluka Head quarters. Deodurga Sub-Market yard has got 36 Acres 11

Gunta Land consisting of Administrative Building Closed Auction Plot Form, Sundry shops Roads and shady trees. ii) Jalahalli :- Jalahalli Sub-Market 15 KM away from Deodurg consists of 7 Acres 38 Guntas. Rural Market :- Yaragera Village is the Rural Market 15 KMs away from Raichur. It has 3 Acres 10 Guntas land in which Administrative Office cum Godown auction platform constructed. Constitution of the Market Committee :- The Market committee is constituted under Karnataka Agricultural Produce Market (Regulation) Act 1968. Members Elected from Different constituencies were as under.

1] Agricultural Constituency - 11 Members
2] Traders. - 01 Members
3] Representative from TAPCMS - 01 Members
4] Representative from Co-operative processing societies. - 01 Members
5] Government Nominee (Non-Govt) - 03 Members
6] Government Nominee ( Govt ) - 01 Members Method of Sale :-The

Market Committee has introduced Tender systems for sale of all commodities except Onion which is sold on open auction system.

Grading :-The market

committee has introduced grading of Ground Nut,. Cotton, & Paddy on commercial basis before their sales by tender systems. Price are quoted by purchasers as per the rates on the formers are benefited by getting better price for better quality of their produce. The Market Committee is proud enough say that Agricultural produce worth corers of Rupees are graded and sold in this market.

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